About Us

About Us

What is BloggerTemplates.in?

Our site is a gallery that shows, describes and ranks the best models for the Google blog platform. We are born of the need of a website that is updated with frequency and high quality professional content.

How works BloggerTemplates.in?

Our team is always looking for new templates released and that are within our quality guidelines and that satisfy the users of the platform.

Here we provide the preview of these templates, download links of the free versions and also the links to buy professional models directly on the author's website.

If you are a template developer and would like to see them here on our site, you can make a request so we can share your work.

Are there any license terms I should know about?

The license to each template is determined by the original template author. We recommend you to check it directly in the website of the template’s author and additionally check our terms of use out.

We try to be respectful of all license, if you find any incident, please contact us.


Write us at: bloggertemplates.in[at]gmail[dot]com